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09 Aug 11

free raisins

sigh, i’m always too late for everything.

29 Jul 11

cats: nature’s masseuses

i just got this email, and i feel obligated to post it:

Dear Robert,

My name is Candice and I promote content across the web. While searching for some resources, posts and pictures around cats and cat lovers, I came across your site and thought your readers would enjoy this cat infographic.

Many would consider cat paws to be nature’s masseuses, given the natural tendency of paw kneading. This infographic humorously illustrates some techniques you could teach your kitty cat to relieve some of those stress created knots.

The Guide to a Cat Massage [Infographic]

The link also provides the embed of the graphic, which ensures creative commons.

I hope your readers enjoy this graphic! If you have any questions regarding this infographic or any others, please feel free to contact me.

Candice P.

candice p. knows me well. how can i NOT post this infographic? it even features animated cat paw kneading action!
Guide to Cat Massage
Created by: Massage Therapy Schools

15 Jul 11

ridiculous photo fun

i’ve been fascinated by this “shop” in village on the grange for the last couple years – this photo doesn’t adequately capture the fact that it’s at most 2 feet deep:

how could they possibly be renovating it? how much do you suppose their rent is for this “space”?

quick, spot the design flaw:

one rainy day after work, a makeshift pen was set up in the park in front of my building. i started hearing people saying “baa” loudly, so i looked out my window and saw this:

i still don’t quite understand why people were pretending to be sheep. this, of course, culminated with these “sheep” getting shorn:

disturbing and weird. and hilarious.

02 May 11

how exactly does this help the green party’s cause?

politics aside, i’m unclear how putting this “pamphlet” under my door would make me vote green:

i obviously enjoy ted talks like many people, but i’m not sure of the message this is trying to send…except maybe that wasting paper to distribute a photocopied list of your bookmarks may not be the greenest thing you could do.

27 Feb 11


how did i neglect to buy this?

31 Jan 11

favourite albums of the month

i’ve listened to a ton of new music this month. here’s a quick list of some of the best (in no particular order):
black keys – brothers
cake – showroom of compassion
suuns – zeroes qc
destroyer – kaputt
the salteens – grey eyes
smith westerns – dye it blonde
braids – native speaker
the pinecones – sage
ruby coast – whatever this is
decemberists – the king is dead
tennis – cape dory

what am i missing?

29 Dec 10

best of 2010

this has been a strange year for me, musically – my 3 favourite albums of the year are all courtesy of americans, and my most listened to album of the year (the beach boys’ wild honey) was released in 1967. i also spent a huge amount of time this year listening to thrush hermit’s complete recordings box set, but i don’t really consider that any more eligible for a 2010 list than wild honey.

having said that, there was some really great music released this year, and here’s my best attempt at recounting it:

favouritest albums
1. the national – high violet
2. menomena – mines
3. spoon – transference
4. forest city lovers – carriage*
5. owen pallett – heartland*
6. women – public strain*
7. arcade fire – the suburbs*
8. broken bells – broken bells
9. the meligrove band – shimmering lights*
10. the new pornographers – together*
11. broken social scene – forgiveness rock record*
12. zeus – say us*
13. caribou – swim*
14. the tallest man on earth – the wild hunt
15. wavves – king of the beach
16. ps i love you – meet me at the muster station*
17. vampire weekend – contra
18. wolf parade – expo 86*
19. sufjan stevens – all delighted people ep
20. plants and animals – la la land*

honourable mentions: various artists – the acorn – no ghost*, scott pilgrim vs the world ost, hooded fang – album*, the black keys – brothers, karkwa – les chemins de verre*

favouritest songs
1. owen pallett – keep the dog quiet*
2. the national – bloodbuzz ohio
3. menomena – taos
4. the new pornographers – your hands (together)*
5. broken bells – the high road
6. forest city lovers – tell me, cancer*
7. arcade fire – ready to start*
8. miles kurosky – i can’t swim
9. broken social scene – meet me in the basement*
10. born ruffians – what to say*
11. spoon – the mystery zone
12. stars – dead hearts*
13. caribou – odessa*
14. the meligrove band – make believe it*
15. zeus – marching through your head*
16. the tallest man on earth – love is all
17. vampire weekend – white sky
18. wavves – take on the world
19. women – china steps*
20. wolf parade – cloud shadow on the mountain*
21. plants and animals – american idol*
22. tokyo police club – wait up (boots of danger)*
23. ghostkeeper – well, well, well*
24. cee-lo green – fuck you
25. ps i love you – 2012*

honourable mentions: tiger benvie – bodies tagged in bodybags*, novels – this wouldn’t be the last time*, the acorn – no ghost*, shad – rose garden*, the black keys – ten cent pistol, yukon blonde – wind blows*

favouritest movies
1. black swan
2. inception
3. the social network
4. the king’s speech
5. never let me go
6. shutter island
7. true grit
8. scott pilgrim vs the world
9. micmacs
10. inside job

honourable mentions: greenberg, life with murder, tabloid, the town

* denotes canadian artists

14 Dec 10

parking garage randomness

apparently one of my neighbours was either in a big hurry, or has no depth perception:

perhaps it was my neighbour who apparently parks a golf cart in their parking space?

also, i like that the wheelchair spot (wait, a wheelchair spot in a parking garage?) is filled with a golf cart and a motorcycle.

06 Nov 10

canadian tire money machine

okay, this is the lamest and most canadian thing i can imagine:

what this photo doesn’t capture is the insane number of people lined up for the opportunity to attempt to grab 5 cent bills out of the air. amazing.

06 Oct 10

i must be a sportsman if i subscribe to the sportsman’s guide, right?

i would love to know how i got subscribed to this catalog, especially at my work address. there’s not a lot of use for a “guide gear deluxe 360 degree swivel lift system” (an effortless way to hang your big-game trophy for processing) in downtown toronto.

ps. i’m still grossed out by the term processing.

Pronunciation: 'ch&mp
Function: noun
Etymology: perhaps blend of chunk and lump
Date: 1883

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