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Dahle, Ryan – Irrational Anthems
Dandy Warhols, The – Thirteen Tales of Urban Bohemia
Dandy Warhols, The – Come Down
Dandy Warhols, The – Welcome to the Monkey House
Dandy Warhols, The – Tales From Slabtown Vol. 2
Daniel, Fred & Julie – Daniel, Fred & Julie
Danko Jones – My Love Is Bold
Danny Michel & The Benque Players – Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me
Darcys, The – The Darcys
Darcys, The – AJA
Darcys, The – Warring
Deadly Snakes, The – Porcella
Dears, The – Nor the Dahlias: The Dears 1995-1998
Dears, The – End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story
Dears, The – Orchestral Pop Noir Romantique
Dears, The – Protest ep
Dears, The – Degeneration Street
Dears, The – Times Infinity, Vol. One
Dears, The – No Cities Left
Dears, The – Missiles
Death Cab for Cutie – We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes
Death from Above 1979 – The Physical World
Death From Above 1979 – You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine
Death From Above 1979 – Romance Bloody Romance Remixes & B Sides
Decemberists, The – The Hazards of Love
Decemberists, The – The King is Dead
Decemberists, The – The Crane Wife
Decemberists, The – Her Majesty the Decemberists
Dekker, T./Great Lake Swimmers – Song Sung Blue EP
del bel – oneiric
Del Bel – Del Bel
Delta Spirit – Ode to Sunshine
Destroyer – Kaputt
Destroyer – Poison Season
Devon Sproule & Mike O’Neill – Colours
Diableros, The – Aren’t Ready For The Country
Diableros, The – You Can’t Break The Strings In Our Olympic Hearts
Diamonds, Nick – I Am an Attic
Diamonds, Nick – City of Quartz
DIIV – Oshin
DIIV – Is the Is Are
Dinosaur Bones – My Divider
Dinosaur Bones – Shaky Dream
Dismemberment Plan, The – Emergency & I
Divine Fits – A Thing Called Divine Fits
dj BC – Ill Submarine
Doiron, Julie – Heart and Crime
Doiron, Julie – I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day
Doiron, Julie – Woke Myself Up
Drew, Kevin – Spirit If…
Duotang – The Bright Side
Duotang – The Cons & The Pros
Duotang – Smash The Ships And Raise The Beams
Duotang – New Occupation
Dusted – Total Dust

2 Responses to “muzak”

  1. 1
    DW Says:

    I’ve been checking out your website for a few months now. Funny story how I found the site last summer on a not so busy work day. I googled something like “Super Friendz, Sloan, Rusty, Pure” and up popped your website. I noticed your cd collection is remarkabley similar to mine. You see I’m from Detroit, and I was lucky enough to be in high school when 89x a chum(p) group radio station was playing alot of Canadian Alt rock that was totally different than the stuff most of the other crappy stations in the D were playing. I was introduced to Sloan and Thrush Hermit. Anyways cool website, very envious of the shows you get to see in the Toronto area. Almost made the road trip for Human Highway in Guelph. And I’m surprised you don’t seem to be into Islands more, which is maybe my new alltime favorite band of the current millenium.


  2. 2
    pager Says:

    hey, thanks for the comment. i actually do like islands, but their latest album was a bit of a disappointment, especially when compared with human highway. you should check out the new joel plaskett, the lodge, and winter gloves. they’re in high rotation for me right now.

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