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01 Dec 13

dialect survey revisited

over ten years ago, i did an online dialect survey (and posted a follow up the following year) that has provided me with no end of entertainment. (specifically, i still like to call “high hosey” in my car, and i still enjoy telling people that the “devil is beating his wife” during a sun shower).

now, all these years later, i have two follow ups:

i still love this stuff.

29 Jul 11

cats: nature’s masseuses

i just got this email, and i feel obligated to post it:

Dear Robert,

My name is Candice and I promote content across the web. While searching for some resources, posts and pictures around cats and cat lovers, I came across your site and thought your readers would enjoy this cat infographic.

Many would consider cat paws to be nature’s masseuses, given the natural tendency of paw kneading. This infographic humorously illustrates some techniques you could teach your kitty cat to relieve some of those stress created knots.

The Guide to a Cat Massage [Infographic]

The link also provides the embed of the graphic, which ensures creative commons.

I hope your readers enjoy this graphic! If you have any questions regarding this infographic or any others, please feel free to contact me.

Candice P.

candice p. knows me well. how can i NOT post this infographic? it even features animated cat paw kneading action!
Guide to Cat Massage
Created by: Massage Therapy Schools

11 Sep 10

tiff schedule

belatedly, here’s my toronto film festival schedule for this year:

19 Sep 09

tiff 09 twitter style

here’s a roundup of the movies i saw this year at the toronto international film festival, as originally posted to twitter:

the trotsky: jay baruchel + colm feore + communism + student uprising + malajube + canadian. fantastic. #tiff
the white ribbon: black and white, pre-ww1 germany, every character scary and disturbing, pure haneke. still thinking about it. #tiff
les herbes folles: a man undergoing a mid life crisis finds a woman’s wallet and loses his mind. i’m not french enough to get it. #tiff
up in the air: clooney/reitman, funny+sad+unpredictable+excellent. i can pretty much put my life in a backpack. #tiff
same same but different: german kid decides to marry HIV positive cambodian girl. i have no clue why. #tiff
partir: a woman attempts to leave her husband. won’t someone think of the children? kristin scott thomas is always good. #tiff
youth in revolt: michael cera playing michael cera…with a mustache. tries to get girl, blows up building, the usual. pretty ok. #tiff
my son my son what have ye done: insane, pelican obsessed man stabs his mother and takes hostages. “cohesive narrative”? herzogian. #tiff
the good heart: ridiculously mean bar owner with a bad heart befriends a homeless kid with too much heart. also, pet duck. sneaky good.#tiff
max manus: norwegian blockbuster about their greatest ww2 hero. surprisingly little action, for an action movie. soso. #tiff

20 Jun 09

toronto star header fun

it appears as though whoever was in charge of today’s toronto star “throws” (at least it appears that’s what the technical term is) fell asleep at the switch:

i especially like the first one.

03 Jun 09

environmentally friendly

when i first moved into my building, i asked a few people (the management office, the superintendent, a random cleaner) how to recycle. each of them told me to just throw it down the garbage chute. this was a less than satisfying answer to me, and, to make a long story short, calling the city repeatedly managed to force my building to start a recycling program. note that this was 2 years ago, not 1991.

last week i attempted to take my recycling to the rear of my building and discovered this:

i can only assume that they added the chains to the new recycle bins to prevent non-recyclable materials from being added. oh, and also recyclable materials.

05 May 09

at my office, we control our infections

an impressive name for a less than impressive set up:

12 Apr 09

sleep is optional

i’m starting to feel as though i’m the subject of my own micro-version of the truman show. specifically: i suspect that everyone in my apartment complex are conspiring to conduct a psychological sleep deprivation experiment with me as the subject. it’s not exactly news that i’ve had sporadic issues with noise in my building since i moved in two years ago, but it’s the sheer variety of ways in which i’ve been kept awake/woken up that’s changed. for example:

  • an omnipresent and as yet unidentifiable pulsing hum audible from my bedroom, suggesting that perhaps my building runs on an alternative power source from the future
  • various parties in my courtyard, ranging from douchebag frat boys playing foosball and drinking games to skatekids practising their rail slides
  • a live jazz/big band-era band playing in my courtyard on a thursday night
  • my old upstairs neighbours who dragged furniture every night at midnight for some reason
  • my new neighbours who enjoy listening to dance music, preferably between the hours of 11 and 2 on a weeknight
  • another neighbour’s dog (named gucci) who barked last night from 10:30 until 1:30
  • miscellaneous people outside my door at all hours who forget that people actually live behind the doors they are talking loudly in front of. that’s what i get for living near the elevator.

and that’s of course leaving out the random shootings that happened last year.

in summary, i’ve learned a lot about how poorly i adapt to not sleeping enough over the last few months.

13 Feb 09

should i be thankful for a backyard concert?

i woke up to this at 11:30 last night:

whodoesntlikeabandintheirbackyard – some band

they wrapped up around 12:30. i have no idea who they were, but that’s the first time my backyard has been used as a concert venue.

(apologies for the low quality – it was recorded with my blackberry’s voice note recorder).

12 Feb 09

something that was gloriously bad

you know, it struck me recently that when i first set up this crappy little website back in march of 2002, google only had 3 results in its index for the word chumptastic. now, almost 7 years later, there are apparently 2920 (not a huge number, but still, almost a 1000% increase) – including its own urban dictionary definition.

so, uh…you’re welcome?

Pronunciation: 'ch&mp
Function: noun
Etymology: perhaps blend of chunk and lump
Date: 1883

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