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30 Sep 10

my chariot awaits

while it’s not as awesome as this guy’s bike chariot, the one i saw this evening on queen west was pretty great:

20 Sep 10

smokers mart

several years ago, ontario banned all cigarette advertisements, including those signs on convenience store awnings that list their products and services (lottery tickets! atm! groceries!), so it’s quite common to see “cigarettes” among those lists covered up by tape or paint. anyway, i guess this store found a way around this:

(and yes, this stellar photo was taken out the window of a streetcar).

update: i forgot to mention, to add to the unintentional comedy, i’m pretty sure they refer to themselves as “Your Independent Milk Retailer”. and, with a name like that, how could they not be?

13 Sep 10

jesus on bloor

i like that he stopped and posed for my iphone, like i imagine the real jesus would have.

13 Apr 10

computer store no more

as i tend to do every few years, i enjoy revisiting sites of questionable business models to see how things have made out. so, when i was in peterborough a few weeks ago, i was sad to see that my favourite hair salon/computer shop had made the following sad transformation:

January 2009

March 2010

i guess it’s a good thing i didn’t apply for a job there after all.

11 Jan 10

the whittler

ok seriously, who thinks it’s appropriate to whittle (yes, carve wood) on the ttc?

his seat was covered nicely in shavings. an awesome treat for the next passenger.

08 Oct 09

random photo funnies

thanks to emily for sending me this:

apparently chumptastic is too hilarious for some work places. it strikes me that, for a site that gets at most 20 visitors a day, adding chumptastic to a content filter might not be worth the effort.

this sign would be even better if it were about a summer horse:

i noticed these signs creeping up in movie theatres in the summer:

they strike me as a “because of me, they have a sign” situation. note that while wearing other footwear, i stop exercising caution.

a coworker brought in this hard drive for me to “dispose of”:

amazing. apparently it’s from 1989.

07 Oct 09

google streetview and me

time to be jealous, kids. i’m google famous:

apparently the google streetview car drove by me as i was leaving work.

close up:


29 Sep 09

photo roundup

i’ve realized this week how many (crappy) photos have accumulated on my blackberry over the last several months. i guess it’s time to start sharing them with the world!

let’s start with this threatening looking sign from my building management:

as was the case with this sign, i’m interested in finding out what i’d be charged with for leaving a door ajar. stop tempting me, westdale properties…

i like these cute little robots that appeared a few weeks ago at intersections all over downtown:

this particular robot was spotted at queen and niagara.

spotted in my building’s mail room, how’s this for a personal touch?

maybe it’s “the entertainment” from david foster wallace’s infinite jest. if so, this is more than warranted, but it probably won’t receive a response.

finally, i’m sorry this didn’t turn out better (crappy blackberry cameraphone), but i’d never seen anyone mopping a ceiling before:

(as spotted in st. patrick station). does anyone else remember that old poledo song? “i’ll wipe the ceiling with you” was the chorus.

01 Aug 09

who drives into a house?

at around midnight last night, i heard a loud screech of car brakes, followed by an even louder crashing sound. i looked out my window to see that a car had smashed into a house behind my building. yes, a house. this house wasn’t located at the end of a street, nor was it on a busy street at all. you have to be a real moron to end up causing damage like this:

when i looked out, i saw someone running from the car. i like to think he was running because he was embarassed about being so stupid.

edit: wait, how many cars crashed into buildings in toronto in the last day? at least two apparently!

15 May 09

old school citizen journalism?

as seen at hero burger a few months ago:

i couldn’t NOT take this photo. she asked me “what should i be typing when you take my picture?” i think the answer was overwrought prose.

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