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05 Jan 13

favouritest albums of 2012

i realized recently that podcasts have really limited my music listening during my commute, but i still found the time to squeeze in a ton of new music this year.

here are the best new albums i listened to in 2012 (although i’m sure a couple of 2011 releases slipped through the cracks):

  1. mike o’neill – wild lines*
  2. del bel – oneiric*
  3. japandroids – celebration rock*
  4. divine fits – a thing called divine fits*
  5. metz – metz*
  6. menomena – moms
  7. camouflage nights – camouflage nights*
  8. chrome and the ice queen – diane*
  9. alabama shakes – boys & girls
  10. papermaps – inferior ghost*
  11. zeus – busting visions*
  12. luke lalonde – rhythymnals*
  13. ps i love you – death dreams*
  14. joel plaskett emergency – scrappy happiness*
  15. army girls – army girls*
  16. ac newman – shut down the streets*
  17. cuff the duke – union*
  18. the xx – coexist
  19. stars – the north*
  20. the shins – port of morrow
  21. black keys – el camino
  22. cousin – cousin*
  23. medallions – medallions*
  24. white rabbits – milk famous
  25. islands – a sleep & a forgetting*

*=canadian-ish release

i listened to mike o’neill’s album far more than anything else this year. if you haven’t heard it, you really should check it out.

One Response to “favouritest albums of 2012”

  1. 1
    David Messer Says:

    I was hoping you’d address my comments on your poor review of the radical dudez. I am disappointed but I understand that the years have been long for us all.

    Also, I’ve noticed that you have not blogged in a couple of months. I hope my comments have not dissuaded you from supporting live music.

    All the best and I look forward to further posts in 2013.
    Your loyal reader,

    David Messer

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