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29 Sep 09

photo roundup

i’ve realized this week how many (crappy) photos have accumulated on my blackberry over the last several months. i guess it’s time to start sharing them with the world!

let’s start with this threatening looking sign from my building management:

as was the case with this sign, i’m interested in finding out what i’d be charged with for leaving a door ajar. stop tempting me, westdale properties…

i like these cute little robots that appeared a few weeks ago at intersections all over downtown:

this particular robot was spotted at queen and niagara.

spotted in my building’s mail room, how’s this for a personal touch?

maybe it’s “the entertainment” from david foster wallace’s infinite jest. if so, this is more than warranted, but it probably won’t receive a response.

finally, i’m sorry this didn’t turn out better (crappy blackberry cameraphone), but i’d never seen anyone mopping a ceiling before:

(as spotted in st. patrick station). does anyone else remember that old poledo song? “i’ll wipe the ceiling with you” was the chorus.

19 Sep 09

tiff 09 twitter style

here’s a roundup of the movies i saw this year at the toronto international film festival, as originally posted to twitter:

the trotsky: jay baruchel + colm feore + communism + student uprising + malajube + canadian. fantastic. #tiff
the white ribbon: black and white, pre-ww1 germany, every character scary and disturbing, pure haneke. still thinking about it. #tiff
les herbes folles: a man undergoing a mid life crisis finds a woman’s wallet and loses his mind. i’m not french enough to get it. #tiff
up in the air: clooney/reitman, funny+sad+unpredictable+excellent. i can pretty much put my life in a backpack. #tiff
same same but different: german kid decides to marry HIV positive cambodian girl. i have no clue why. #tiff
partir: a woman attempts to leave her husband. won’t someone think of the children? kristin scott thomas is always good. #tiff
youth in revolt: michael cera playing michael cera…with a mustache. tries to get girl, blows up building, the usual. pretty ok. #tiff
my son my son what have ye done: insane, pelican obsessed man stabs his mother and takes hostages. “cohesive narrative”? herzogian. #tiff
the good heart: ridiculously mean bar owner with a bad heart befriends a homeless kid with too much heart. also, pet duck. sneaky good.#tiff
max manus: norwegian blockbuster about their greatest ww2 hero. surprisingly little action, for an action movie. soso. #tiff

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