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20 Jun 09

toronto star header fun

it appears as though whoever was in charge of today’s toronto star “throws” (at least it appears that’s what the technical term is) fell asleep at the switch:

i especially like the first one.

03 Jun 09

environmentally friendly

when i first moved into my building, i asked a few people (the management office, the superintendent, a random cleaner) how to recycle. each of them told me to just throw it down the garbage chute. this was a less than satisfying answer to me, and, to make a long story short, calling the city repeatedly managed to force my building to start a recycling program. note that this was 2 years ago, not 1991.

last week i attempted to take my recycling to the rear of my building and discovered this:

i can only assume that they added the chains to the new recycle bins to prevent non-recyclable materials from being added. oh, and also recyclable materials.

Pronunciation: 'ch&mp
Function: noun
Etymology: perhaps blend of chunk and lump
Date: 1883

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