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29 Jan 09

buffalo “highlights”

i don’t think i ever posted these photos from a day trip i took to fabulous downtown buffalo last summer.

i wish i was there for dyngus day:

if you can’t tell, this car is covered in mirrors. somehow the effect is far less cool than this car spotted in louisville

sadly, there was nothing else photo worthy that doesn’t make me sad to look at.

28 Jan 09

work artifacts

in case you weren’t sure…

probably the most creative use of a bike light ever:

26 Jan 09

reason #90347294 why i left peterborough

i mean seriously, would i be working there now (under the latter, not the former) had i stayed?

22 Jan 09

the audacity of chump

18 Jan 09


damn, i’ve been meaning to post this photo (taken on wellington near portland) for a while:

i was scooped by torontoist this week. sad.

13 Jan 09

a few random photos

it’s recently come to my attention that i have approximately 938479842 unsorted photos spread between my office and home computers. here are a few that i’ve just come across:

flashback to a classy toronto hallowe’en:

i discovered this in the basement of my building a couple months back. a) it’s an anatomically correct bear. b) someone (perhaps who didn’t approve?) hung it by its neck from some loose wires. i blame the christian right.

also from my basement, which is (obviously) a treasure trove of fun stuff. well, that and grossness. in this case, i’d say it’s heavy on the “junk”:

03 Jan 09

best of 2008

i’m a bit late on this, but here are my annual favouritest lists for 2008. i’ve decided to do something a little different this time around, and am going to only include my favourite canadian artists and songs this time around (sorry vampire weekend, tv on the radio, sleepercar, notwist, fleet foxes, etc.) – what am i if not a canadian evangelist?

favouritest canadian albums of 2008
1. constantines – kensington heights
2. born ruffians – red, yellow and blue
3. mohawk lodge – wildfires
4. forest city lovers – haunting moon sinking
5. the coast – expatriate
6. laura peek and the winning hearts – from the photographs
7. human highway – moody motorcycle
8. the bicycles – oh no it’s love
9. two hours traffic – little jabs
10. the dears – missiles
11. women – women
12. final fantasy – spectrum 14th century ep
13. plants and animals – parc avenue
14. chad vangaalen – soft airplane
15. wolf parade – at mount zoomer
16. hayden – in field and town
17. adam and the amethysts – amethyst amulet
18. sloan – parallel play
19. ruby coast – ruby coast ep
20. various artists – songs for the gang: thrush hermit tribute

honourable mentions: stars – sad robots ep, brendan canning – something for all of us, fembots – calling out, torngat – you could be, diamonds – rough cuts, novillero – a little tradition, will currie and the country french – a great stage, black mountain – in the future

favouritest canadian songs of the 2008
1. constantines – life or death
2. mohawk lodge – heart of lovers
3. laura peek and the winning hearts – stand right there
4. forest city lovers – don’t go
5. human highway – the sound
6. born ruffians – i need a life
7. salteens – hallowed ways
8. the coast – nueva york
9. dears – money babies
10. two hours traffic – stuck for the summer
11. chad vangaalen – willow tree
12. bicycles – won’t she be surprised
13. final fantasy – the butcher
14. women – black rice
15. adam and the amethysts – stupid ocean
16. hayden – where and when
17. sloan – cheap champagne
18. the i spies – in the night
19. diamonds – all i need
20. plants and animals – good friend
21. will currie and the country french + sloan – push pins
22. stars – 14 forever
23. fembots – hand print in wet cement
24. tokyo police club – your english is good
25. danny michel – sweet things

honourable mentions: ruby coast – brittle bones, will currie and the country french – honest people, brendan canning – something for all of us, tony dekker – song sung blue, world provider featuring feist – valentine, constantines + feist – islands in the stream, sebastien grainger & the mountains – (are there) ways to come home?, islands – creeper, the awkward stage – only good days caught on camera

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