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26 Aug 08

photo roundup: louisville edition

a selection of randomness from loo-uh-vul.

oh yes. a jug band! note the disappointing lack of jugs. (we were tempted to shout “show us your jugs”).

this might be my favourite graffiti of all time:

how in the world is this sign still in existence?

this car (belonging to the 21c museum hotel – which is ridiculously awesome by the way) made me change directions to go get a closer look:

i think this is a good policy:

it’s unclear as to whether they also sell jewelry for dogs…that’s a supply, right?

aw, isn’t it nice the mayor is trying to look after people who enjoy biscuits and gravy and fried everything?

emily says “oh hi”…

and then “over there!” while the statue may or may not have been getting ready to cop a feel:

it was a bit disorienting to see tobacco ads. i wonder if newport pleasure is better than camel pleasure?

and on a similar note, some tobacco “trivia” courtesy of camel and the back door:

i loved all the olde tyme neon signs in and around louisville:

more olde tyme signs, but this time on a drive thru liquor store (finally, booze and driving made easier!):

i had the pleasure of visiting a bunch of pretty fantastic shops selling some random stuff. it makes me so happy that this exists:

W! (note: i saw several obama campaign signs, but zero mccain ones. maybe that means we stuck to the good neighbourhoods.)

mmm, bison. reminds me of peterborough:

my thetans were glad i found this:

and FINALLY: the elusive rogue dead guy ale (courtesy of the new albanian brewing company):

Pronunciation: 'ch&mp
Function: noun
Etymology: perhaps blend of chunk and lump
Date: 1883

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