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27 Jul 08

long overdue photo roundup

i haven’t really taken many photos in quite some time, but i have discovered some gems that have been on my camera for months. time to share!

when i get 57 computer boxes delivered to my office, i get creative. i call it l’arc de d?¬©faite:

you don’t need to be bilingual to appreciate these signs:

observe the transformation from cult to…fabric shop?

nothing makes you feel more safe than a really deep hole with a “danger!” sign spraypainted in front of it (as seen in the toronto life square building):

there are a number of these up and down queen west. i love them:

appliance and martial arts, together at last:

i’ve been looking my whole life for north america’s best bbq pork. wait…i didn’t get a vote!

here’s an intersection not known for its good spelling:

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