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15 Oct 07

thank you ttc for getting my week off to a rousing start

you know, i can’t help but wonder how a major intersection in toronto, such as queen and bathurst, could be closed for a week without much advance notice. specifically – how could said intersection be closed as of this morning for streetcar track repairs without someone who lives 2 blocks away (i.e. me) not being aware until this morning? should there not have been signs up and down queen for the last month? should the affected streetcar stops not have had a warning ahead of time? i GUESS it’s possible that i just missed something, but i find that unlikely.

granted, i DID see a blurb in the star yesterday stating that TTC track replacement would begin this morning at queen and bathurst, and to look at the TTC’s website for more information. i dutifully did so, and didn’t see anything obvious about this – no mention of the queen streetcar line at all. i figured that it couldn’t be affecting the queen line or else it would have SAID so, right? so i went back and looked this morning, and after scanning a few times, i found this entry located under the 509 harbourfront heading:
Starting Monday, October 15, reconstruction of the streetcar tracks will begin in the
intersection of Bathurst Street & Queen Street.

needless to say, it was a terrific start to my week.

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