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24 Jun 07

massive photo post

okay okay, i get the message: it’s been too long since i’ve posted anything. thank you to all of you who’ve noticed. as you can imagine, i have about a zillion photos i’ve amassed over the next few months, so i’ll begin the process of sharing them now. consider this part one of many.

if there weren’t bikes near this sign, i’m not 100% sure i would’ve been able to decypher it:

who DOESN’T buy their examination tables from the sidewalk? $150 is a steal!

i’m sure there’s a terrific story to go along with this:

is ellen degeneres the new val kilmer? this is some of the finest graffiti i’ve ever seen:


this was one of my favourite ad campaigns of all time. the artwork is made entirely of mentos!

there were a series of these signs around toronto, designed to promote a movie called something like love is hard work. there were a number of pretty great ones, but this was of course my favourite:

it’s amazing how many things are wrong with this sign:

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