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27 Jun 07

slightly better job than “crack whore” or “assistant crack whore”

sandra sent me the funniest job description i’ve ever seen today:

DO YOU WANT TO work in a place where you feel you belong? DO YOU WANT TO make a difference in someone’s life? DO YOU WANT TO work in a place where your creativity is promoted and challenged on different levels? DO YOU WANT TO be supported by a professional management team? DO YOU WANT TO work with the best of the best? DO YOU WANT TO be proud of what you do? If this sounds like you and you know what it takes to become a part of our team, then apply to the position posted below to begin your career at Comcare Health Services, one of Canada’s prominent providers of community health programs and services to public, industrial and individual markets. Comcare believes in the principle of employment equity in the workplace, to ensure that Aboriginal people, persons with disabilities, visible minorities and women do not face employment barriers within our organization. Comcare Health Services encourages applications from qualified women, men, visible minorities, aboriginal people and persons with disabilities. **To ensure a timely response to electronic submissions, please include job title and location in your subject line or in the body of text.


Part time positions are open for people to work at the Kingston Penitentiary in the Urine Collection department. The main responsibility is to collect urinalysis specimen from inmates housed in Kingston Penitentiary. The hours would be 7am-6pm as needed. Some weekend shifts are also available.


Certificate as Health Care Aid or Personal Support Worker an asset but not required
Community experience an asset

**Please Note: Candidates will be required to submit a vulnerable position screening upon hire.


as if the job description wasn’t great enough, the juxtaposition of the intro and details makes it an instant classic.

27 Jun 07

photo roundup – part 3

still more leftover (and overdue) photos. enjoy.

a message to dogs:

i’m SO glad i didn’t have to catch the northbound spadina streetcar anywhere that day:

anyone have any idea what a dart coon club is?

with a van like this, i’ve GOT to see this band. (note that i’ve seen it both in the danforth/broadview area, as well as queen west, so maybe it’s fate):

25 Jun 07

photo roundup – part 2

the second batch in my “catch up” series of photos. excitement! also note that my rss feed should be working better now, in case anyone actually cares.

i LOVE rollerblading, tambourining, cane-toting religious black santa. who doesn’t?

and i also LOVE the old standby: silver elvis. he’s seriously dedicated to his art.

only in toronto would you find a grassless school yard with astroturf in its place:

this is my favourite “store” in toronto – a literal hole in the wall at dundas and spadina that sells phone cards. note that it has no actual store, and behind the counter is simply a stairwell downwards. also note that it gets really really cold there in the winter.

24 Jun 07

massive photo post

okay okay, i get the message: it’s been too long since i’ve posted anything. thank you to all of you who’ve noticed. as you can imagine, i have about a zillion photos i’ve amassed over the next few months, so i’ll begin the process of sharing them now. consider this part one of many.

if there weren’t bikes near this sign, i’m not 100% sure i would’ve been able to decypher it:

who DOESN’T buy their examination tables from the sidewalk? $150 is a steal!

i’m sure there’s a terrific story to go along with this:

is ellen degeneres the new val kilmer? this is some of the finest graffiti i’ve ever seen:


this was one of my favourite ad campaigns of all time. the artwork is made entirely of mentos!

there were a series of these signs around toronto, designed to promote a movie called something like love is hard work. there were a number of pretty great ones, but this was of course my favourite:

it’s amazing how many things are wrong with this sign:

Pronunciation: 'ch&mp
Function: noun
Etymology: perhaps blend of chunk and lump
Date: 1883

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