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06 Dec 06

how a couple of hair flippers ruined my constantines experience

i came to a conclusion during friday night’s constantines show at lee’s palace – it’s hardly earth shattering or anything, but i think it’s true: to fully experience a constantines (or, for that matter, insert band name here) show, you must be able to feed off the energy of the crowd as well as the band. the best live show experiences i’ve had have taken place when i’ve been in the middle of a crowd (it doesn’t have to be a lot of people) who are totally into the show, feeding back to the band – past arcade fire, camouflage nights, the cons, etc. shows have all had this in common. unfortunately, if you are standing among people who are more intent on drinking/hair flipping/making out/talking than enjoying the show, it doesn’t matter how amazing the live band is, the experience will suffer.

friday night’s cons performance was a technically good show, and they gave their all as usual (whil standing on his keyboards, doug beating the shit out of his drums, steve and bry striking guitar poses and dallas being dallas in his angel wings), but, standing towards the back of lee’s palace among people who just didn’t get it made my enjoyment of the show suffer. i just wasn’t as into it as i usually am. it didn’t help that i wasn’t a huge fan of their new songs, but i say that while recognizing that my first impression of tournament of hearts wasn’t super great, and i claimed that they were lacking in anthems. in other words, the verdict is still out.

a highlight? julie doiron (who apparently plays with openers shotgun and jaybird…whom i missed) getting up on stage during the encore, and inexplicably singing why i didn’t like august 93 an old elevator to hell song. i love that song, but i have no idea why julie sang that one. i guess the cons didn’t know any eric’s trip songs?

[thanks to suckingalemon once again for her constantines photo]

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