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21 Nov 06

“best” election pamphlet ever

i recognize that i’m several weeks late in posting this (since the toronto municipal election has long been settled), but i couldn’t NOT share the most bizarre election pamphlet i’ve ever seen with the world.

front and back:


honestly, it’s pretty shocking to me that jim mcmillan scraped together 292 votes to finish 3rd. i wonder lloyd ferguson feels about finishing behind a guy whose slogan seems to be your lungs – your city * “your money”. is that some kind of equation?

a couple more questions spring to mind:

  • why is jane pitfield’s photo much larger than jim’s?
  • why exactly is a page of “helpful” phone numbers included in an election pamphlet?
  • why is “veterans’ affairs” included in a list of phone numbers for “people on the go”?
  • what exactly is wrong with city hall underground parking? is he proposing that the lot be filled in?

i could of course go on, but i think i’ve been mean enough. i don’t want this to turn into another incident.

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