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06 Nov 06

death cab for boring, part 2

i know, i’m a week late, but who’s counting?

on halloween night, death cab cutie played massey hall, with ted leo along for the ride. my last (and only other) death cab experience was less than satisfactory, but i was hoping that a sit down venue would be more appropriate for their brand of mid-tempo OC-rock. i was right – the show was less annoying than the kool haus show, but it wasn’t my favourite.

ted leo and the pharmacists opened the show to a mostly ambivalent crowd (consisting of mostly mid-teens), and they didn’t play long enough in my opinion. at least they played the high party (by request no less), but sadly there was no cover of since you’ve been gone.

a few notes about the death cab performance:

  • as i mentioned after the koolhaus show, ben gibbard has a guitar cable tossing obsession. so what did he do for this show? he hired someone whose job it was to pull the cable out of his way for him. yup.
  • they pulled out company calls off of we have the facts and we’re voting yes, which made me happy (although i got the feeling that most of the people had never heard it before)
  • what was up with the overwrought faux angst ben gibbard had on display? twice he threw his mike stand, and once he threw his guitar. maybe they were trying to make up for the non-rocking-ness of the performance by ACTING like rock stars?
  • i don’t usually complain about this kind of thing, by i really do wish he’d sung transatlanticism like he did on the album. the “i need you so much…closer” cadence was just too off for me.
  • their encore was the clear highlight of the show: since it was halloween, they came out dressed like devo (pictured), and tore through four devo tracks, which was amazing. i’m not sure how many of the 15 year olds knew who devo was though… what was especially amazing about this portion of the show was that ben somehow managed to stop his awful ingrained “dancing” for 4 songs, and instead managed to mimic devo’s robotic moves. that was a nice break.
  • mostly, however, they were boring, and certainly not worth the money they’re charging these days. zzzz.

ah, i’m such an elitist…but really, they were BORING.

[thanks to i_saw_sparks for the devo-tastic image].

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