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26 Oct 06

active surplus: a treasure trove of crap

after living in toronto for a year and a half, i finally paid a visit to active surplus on queen west. if you live in toronto, you know the place – a gorilla suit out front, alongside a random guy whose “job” is to say “active surplus, active surplus, come on in, you never know what you’ll find!” it’s because of this guy that i never went in before…until a couple weeks ago, not-so-coincidentally when he wasn’t manning his post. and now that i’ve visited, i think it’s my favourite store ever! they really do have everything. and here’s a small sample:

awesome flashlight glasses:

super portable cell phone:

“turntable disk thingies”:

old school rotary phones:

microfiche reader (only $50!):

“insulating thingys”:

film canisters:

little boxes:

switch box thingies?:

so, if you need… well, anything, so long as it’s not particularly useful, stop on by…if you can bring yourself to walk by the sketchy guy outside.

One Response to “active surplus: a treasure trove of crap”

  1. 1
    rory Says:

    next time can you snap a photo of the AAAAAAAAActive surplus guy. Even better, post him doing his routine on youtube

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