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16 Oct 06

exclaim + mint have a birthday

i’m obviously a subscriber to the “better late than never” school of blog posts, which is why i have no problem making this post about last wednesday’s exclaim show, in spite of the fact that it’s now the following monday. sure, a “good” blogger who is “on the ball” would have made this post by “thursday”, but my own goals are less lofty: i’ll settle for being an “adequate” blogger. or perhaps “subpar”.


let’s start this again: wednesday night was exclaim/mint anniversary show at the kool haus, and thanks to phil‘s newfound exclaim connections, he scored me a free ticket. the lineup was pretty fantastic: new pornographers, immaculate machine, novillero and the bicycles. i would’ve probably felt like i had died and gone to heaven if it wasn’t at the kool haus, if it wasn’t a school night, and if i wasn’t so damn old. if rock crew chris were still around, he’d probably say something like “even i wouldn’t put on a 4 band show!”

we sadly missed novillero, who are on my list of bands i seem destined to never see live, but we arrived at the beginning of immaculate machine’s set. they’re a band with some really good songs (and the guitarist has a killer elvis stojko haircut) but not a lot of stage presence. i guess you can get away with that when you have catchy songs, and a keyboardist who can sing like kathryn calder.

i was much more into the new pornographers’ set than i was the the last time i saw them at the phoenix. sadly, there was no dan bejar this time to add a couple songs, nor was there neko to add her voice and presence, but they still played a fun show proving that, as carl newman once said, they really can be the new pornographers without neko. i don’t think i’d be able to say the same thing if they didn’t have someone as good as kathryn calder (yes, her again) touring with them. also, and i’ve said before, i can never get enough of watching kurt dahle drum. a high point: when a moron in the crowd yelled “we love you neko!” kathryn looked pretty uncomfortable, and kurt dahle yelled “she’s not even here, you fucker!” that solved that.

definitely not bad for a free show, and for the 2nd time in a couple weeks, grant lawrence was the MC. not bad at all.

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