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10 Oct 06

bye bye controller.controller

in a blog post that never quite made it from my brain to the web, i was pondering the future of controller.controller. i saw them play a show two weeks ago (with the fabulous you say party! we say die!) that left me wondering whether i’d ever see them play again. their set was energy-filled as always, but it was almost identical to the show i saw them play almost exactly a year before…and the parting words of the band were something to the effect that we shouldn’t plan on seeing them for quite some time, and that they needed a break.

i happened across this chartattack article a couple days ago that confirmed my suspicions – bye bye nirmala. it’s a shame really, ’cause i quite liked controller.controller, and they seemed to get more and more intense every time i saw them. but really, after hearing stories of band members getting into a fight at the grad club a while back, i figured it was only a matter of time. i guess that means that, as was the case with the deadly snakes, i attended the 2nd last ever controller.controller show. what an honour.

in other news, welcome torontoist readers. i enjoy the fact that chumptastic was cited in a story about k-os being an asshole to a reviewer, something that i’m all too familiar with.

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