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03 Oct 06

see vous play

i must say that i admire what cbc radio 3 attempted to do on sunday night at the kool haus: on international music day, they organized a 4 band (2 anglophone, 2 francophone) all ages show, giving away free tickets via their podcast and radio show. oh, and they cleverly called it see vous play. unfortunately, things didn’t work out quite as i’d hoped.

we arrived at around 8, thinking that, since the doors opened at 6:30, we could skip at least one of the openers. sadly, this was not to be. les breastfeeders had just begun playing when we arrived, and their set was extremely loud, but reasonably fun for an all-french set. i quite enjoyed the band member whose main role was to jump around shirtless with a tamborine. we figured he could probably get a job with the ladies and gentlemen (or small sins, if you prefer) if things don’t pan out with les breastfeeders.

emily haines and her new band, the soft skeleton, went on second. i was looking forward to her set, and i quite enjoyed her single, but the set itself made me want to go to sleep. robin described it as music to kill yourself by, which was fairly apt…but the strings and horns sure were pretty. sadly, no one shouted out requests for dead disco to liven things up a little.

next were les trois accords, who i could’ve really done without. apparently they’ve sold over 100 thousand albums in quebec, but i won’t be buying a copy. their 50 minute set seemed to drag on forever, and i kept looking at the time, realizing that things were going much later than expected. yawn.

joel plaskett and his emergency band finally took the stage at about 11:40, which was frustrating since kristi had to make the annoying drive back to whitby after the show, on a school night no less. we managed to stick around for 5 songs, but had to leave much sooner than we’d liked. it’s tricky finding an appropriate time to leave when dealing with someone like joel – there are no low points in which to sneak out. we had to leave during nowhere with you of all songs. anyway, as has been the case roughly 75% of the many times i’ve seen joel play live, he was sick, and it showed in his voice. he was endearing as always and put on a good show, but it sounded like it was hurting him to sing – he definitely didn’t have his usual range. having listened to the cbc radio 3 recording of a million dollars, i do have to say though that jill barber made him sound fantastic though. definitely not her finest moment.

so how could they improve on things? if i were running things and it HAD to be a 4 band bill, i would’ve definitely started things a bit earlier and reduced the set lengths of the bands. did we really need 50 minutes of each of them? it was a shame that so many people left before joel even took the stage. i probably also would’ve chosen different bands, but hey, you can’t please everyone. a good effort anyway, and it was free – AND, i got a free loot bag containing a mint records cd. not all bad.

[note: thanks to cbc radio 3 for the photo of jp.]

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