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29 Sep 06

memphis v2

last night at lee’s palace marked memphis’ 2nd ever show (or, as torq put it, their first ever show that anyone attended). it should be noted, however, that both anne and i attended their first show at the rivoli almost 2 years ago…along with maybe 20 other people. i guess that makes us cooler than most. memphis, i suppose i should point out, is the side project of stars’ torquil campbell, along with chris dumont and a rotating cast of characters. from what i could remember, the rest of the band was completely different from their october 2004 show, and now includes montag on keys, among several others.

anyway, the show itself was quite enjoyable, much like the first time around, except with more songs in their arsenal. torq’s mission again was to put us all to sleep (in a good way) and they mixed in lots of low key but layered songs from both albums with a few of their super catchy pop songs, balancing each very well. a highlight occurred unfortunately while i was in the washroom – torq convinced everyone to sit on the ground while he cuddled with a member of the most serene republic on the floor. i got back just in time to catch the end of the spooning. i also quite enjoyed the agatha christie book give away mid-set, even though i didn’t win.

the crowd wasn’t huge this time around (probably 100 or so people, including 2 most serene republics, 1 kevin drew and 1 jian ghomeshi), but everyone got their money’s worth. for those of you in kingston: go catch them at the grad club tonight.

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