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20 Sep 06

tiff + weddinging

wow, long time no post. so what’s been keeping me busy?

1. the toronto film fest
i managed to catch 6 movies this year, of varying quality. here’s a very brief description of each. (for exciting photos of the stars we saw, see anne’s blog).
shot in the dark – a surprisingly good documentary by adrian grenier (of entourage fame) about his quest to meet his estranged father. it was poignant, funny, and well done.
ghosts of cite soleil – another really good documentary about the insanity in haiti, co-produced by wyclef jean. quick cuts, great visuals, and a pretty terrifying subject matter made me like this one a whole lot.
for your consideration – i can say that i’m among the first in the world to see this new christopher guest movie, but i have to say that it wasn’t worth going to a gala. i paid more for a ticket to sit in the back of roy thompson hall, be herded in and herded out, and not even get a q&a with the stars. and to make matters worse, it wasn’t even his best movie – it had some very funny parts, but the whole thing sorta felt rushed, as though they were trying to squeeze in too many of the ensemble cast. i still enjoyed it though, in spite of the fact that it wasn’t a mockumentary like i was expecting.
the dog problem – scott caan’s latest movie starring giovanni ribisi and mena suvari. i think it’s safe to say that the best part about this movie was the fun q&a after – the movie itself was pretty yawn-worthy.
radiant city – this “documentary” just pissed me off. avoid it at all costs. the subject matter was interesting: the evilness of suburbia, but, and here’s a spoiler, the directors chose to fabricate the whole thing, using actors rather than a real suburban family. this became more and more obvious as the film progressed, and i left angry.
starter for ten – an endearing british comedy about a university student’s pursuit of knowledge and romance…and he happens to also be a contestent on britain’s “university challenge” game show. cute, but not quite wow-worthy.

2. my sister’s wedding.
that’s right, my baby sister kristi is now kristi vardy. congratulations to her and bill, and thank goodness i will never have to deal with the owner of the hall again who both tried to convince me that i was an audio-visual idiot, as well as yelling at my cousin for doing magic tricks using his forks. sigh. anyway, kristi is currently in cancun, and i am enjoying myself at work, which is almost as fun.

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