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29 Sep 06

memphis v2

last night at lee’s palace marked memphis’ 2nd ever show (or, as torq put it, their first ever show that anyone attended). it should be noted, however, that both anne and i attended their first show at the rivoli almost 2 years ago…along with maybe 20 other people. i guess that makes us cooler than most. memphis, i suppose i should point out, is the side project of stars’ torquil campbell, along with chris dumont and a rotating cast of characters. from what i could remember, the rest of the band was completely different from their october 2004 show, and now includes montag on keys, among several others.

anyway, the show itself was quite enjoyable, much like the first time around, except with more songs in their arsenal. torq’s mission again was to put us all to sleep (in a good way) and they mixed in lots of low key but layered songs from both albums with a few of their super catchy pop songs, balancing each very well. a highlight occurred unfortunately while i was in the washroom – torq convinced everyone to sit on the ground while he cuddled with a member of the most serene republic on the floor. i got back just in time to catch the end of the spooning. i also quite enjoyed the agatha christie book give away mid-set, even though i didn’t win.

the crowd wasn’t huge this time around (probably 100 or so people, including 2 most serene republics, 1 kevin drew and 1 jian ghomeshi), but everyone got their money’s worth. for those of you in kingston: go catch them at the grad club tonight.

28 Sep 06

mystery kid

so, here’s something weird.

for a few years, my brother scott has been using this photo as his msn image (as well as his avatar):

he randomly found it on the internet, but it’s pretty great because it could very well have been him at age 10…that is, if he ever had a terrible haircut, big glasses, and an old school leafs shirt. it’s close enough to have made me ask him once, “that’s not you, is it?”

anyway, while perusing the “wall of awesome” at soundscapes (you know the one – more often than not, the cd i’m looking to buy is on this wall), i happened to flip open the new henri faberge and the adorables cd and discovered this:

note the photo in the top left corner. (you can click on the image for a larger view).

so, this is a mystery: who is this kid? is it REALLY brendan howlett of the adorables? enquiring minds, blahblahblah.

25 Sep 06

starling + ontario

how on earth did overrated by starling (aka one of the best bands you’ve never heard of…and who’ve since broken up) end up in a government of ontario commercial? that’s almost as cool as camouflage nights being used in that blue jays commercial

20 Sep 06

tiff + weddinging

wow, long time no post. so what’s been keeping me busy?

1. the toronto film fest
i managed to catch 6 movies this year, of varying quality. here’s a very brief description of each. (for exciting photos of the stars we saw, see anne’s blog).
shot in the dark – a surprisingly good documentary by adrian grenier (of entourage fame) about his quest to meet his estranged father. it was poignant, funny, and well done.
ghosts of cite soleil – another really good documentary about the insanity in haiti, co-produced by wyclef jean. quick cuts, great visuals, and a pretty terrifying subject matter made me like this one a whole lot.
for your consideration – i can say that i’m among the first in the world to see this new christopher guest movie, but i have to say that it wasn’t worth going to a gala. i paid more for a ticket to sit in the back of roy thompson hall, be herded in and herded out, and not even get a q&a with the stars. and to make matters worse, it wasn’t even his best movie – it had some very funny parts, but the whole thing sorta felt rushed, as though they were trying to squeeze in too many of the ensemble cast. i still enjoyed it though, in spite of the fact that it wasn’t a mockumentary like i was expecting.
the dog problem – scott caan’s latest movie starring giovanni ribisi and mena suvari. i think it’s safe to say that the best part about this movie was the fun q&a after – the movie itself was pretty yawn-worthy.
radiant city – this “documentary” just pissed me off. avoid it at all costs. the subject matter was interesting: the evilness of suburbia, but, and here’s a spoiler, the directors chose to fabricate the whole thing, using actors rather than a real suburban family. this became more and more obvious as the film progressed, and i left angry.
starter for ten – an endearing british comedy about a university student’s pursuit of knowledge and romance…and he happens to also be a contestent on britain’s “university challenge” game show. cute, but not quite wow-worthy.

2. my sister’s wedding.
that’s right, my baby sister kristi is now kristi vardy. congratulations to her and bill, and thank goodness i will never have to deal with the owner of the hall again who both tried to convince me that i was an audio-visual idiot, as well as yelling at my cousin for doing magic tricks using his forks. sigh. anyway, kristi is currently in cancun, and i am enjoying myself at work, which is almost as fun.

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