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28 Aug 06

bye bye deadly snakes

you know, i wish that the deadly snakes’ last ever show on friday night at the horseshoe was actually their last show, so i could say “i was at the deadly snakes’ last concert”, as is written on andre ethier’s t-shirt. but nooooo, they had to go and ruin it and play a “surprise” show at the silver dollar on saturday night.

but really, that’s my only complaint about the night…friday’s show would’ve been a pretty great last hurrah for any band. the snakes played 2 sets spanning about 3 hours, and encompassing just about every release they’ve ever had, including a number of gems from porcella and ode to joy, as well as a lot of oldies and rarities from 7″s and b-sides. the first set was solid, but the second set was pretty amazing. high energy, tight, and fun.

and really, it’s not so bad to be able to say that i was at the deadly snakes 2nd to last concert…just like i can say that i was at sloan’s last concert ever (for a couple of years anyway).

[note: photo courtesy of miss door]

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