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20 Aug 06

the bicycles finally release a cd

the bicycles know how to release a cd.

last night at the tranzac marked the release of the good, the bad and the cuddly, an album apparently 4 years in the making. opening the show was laura barrett, who is, as anne described, equal parts joanna newsom and bjork. she’s constantly raved about on stillepost (although that means very little to me), and for once, i agreed with the masses. according to her myspace page, she plays “the kalimba and piano-esque things”, so now i have a name for what she was playing. i enjoy anyone who sings about robot ponies and predicting the future. fun stuff.

the bicycles themselves played a 2+ hour set, with a zillion special guests joining them on stage. they mixed bicycles songs with those of their guests, and were a whirlwind of instrument changes, with only a few stumbles along the way. i enjoyed the bicycles’ original songs (although i’d only ever heard 3 of them beforehand), but i confess that the highlights for me were when they acted as their guests’ backing bands – gentleman reg, jay from the meligrove band, steve from the constantines, jose from by divine right, ohbijou, dan bryk, the adorables, catriona from plumtree, and a bunch of other people i didn’t recognize all contributed to the fun. i also saw sebastien grainger in the crowd (late of dfa1979), but sadly, he did not take the stage. i can only imagine how the bubblegum pop of the bicycles would have combined with dfa. i sadly missed the end, so i am left wondering whether jay ferguson of sloan ever took the stage…

[thanks to thecjm for the bicycles pic from last night’s show. be sure to check out the rest of their photos, including those of the bicycles’ cardboard likenesses.]

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