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11 Aug 06

photo roundup

making a rare trip east of yonge street (gasp!) led to a wealth of new photos for sharing:

you know it’s a classy restaurant if their only sign is a giant nose:

another sign of a classy restaurant – if their main claim to fame is westerns:

hey look…it’s the real degrassi street!

the latest in a series of misplaced apostrophes in permanent signs…i bring you queen fine food’s:

you have to wonder how many years they’ve used the same sign…it reminds me of the old sign in peterborough advertising the peterborough exhibition, except way way crappier:

in addition to those queen east photos, i have two from the village on the grange on dundas west:

“all” you can eat. does that mean you have to leave hungry?

for some reason, “vecation” in my brain feels like a cross between vacation (or MAYBE vegetarian) and feces…i don’t know what that says about me:

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