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26 Jul 06

long overdue photos

you may or may not know i was in victoria for a few days several weeks ago. you MIGHT have been more likely to know if i had mentioned it in this space (hell, if i posted at all anymore). anyway, excuse the lateness, but here are a few random photos from my trip, and in true chumptastic style, they of course don’t represent victoria in the slightest.

in some ways, it felt like i’d never left toronto:


seeing an old spaghetti factory was less a surprise as spotting the queen mother cafe. who knew it was a chain? mmm, pad thai.

this “fudgey and funky” store reminded me a lot of that dialect survey i took a few years back now:

i hear the devil was beating his wife while i called high hosey outside of catawampus.

finally, on my plane ride home, both people sitting in my aisle on the plane were reading angels and demons. typical.

if i don’t slack, i may even upload a few more timely photos in the next couple days! stay tuned…

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