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19 Jul 06

dears renaissance

it’s been a while since i’ve looked forward to a new album as much as i am the new dears album, gang of losers, due out august 6th. their live show at harbourfront on canada was pretty great (murray was happy! and even natalia cracked a smile or two!)

the teasers from their album have been on perma-repeat on my ipod this week:
ticket to immortality
ballad of humankindness
hate then love

anyway, it’s nice to have them back. i saw them a number of times between 2001 and 2003, and since then they’ve pretty much slipped off my radar (what with the incessant american/european touring, getting married, having babies, etc.)

oh, and one fun obscure canrock factoid: the title gang of losers was originally coined by ex-dear, ex-thrush hermit, and current camouflage night, rob benvie.

speaking of which, while i’m on a tangent, here’s the latest entry (from several months ago now) on

No live shows for a l’il spell as we reconsider the stagey ghettoblasterism. We recently slapped down a week at Monumental in Toronto reslotting and restaging and amping the cuteness of several ‘tracks,’ aka songs. Yes, until now there has only been tenuous promise of things to come, and clearly if we were running for office we would likely have lost the faith of the populace and never been re-installed. But C-Nights is/are no Politico(s), we are Crafter of Musicks, Players of Songe, and we take the time to get it right. Unlike those churning out the dreck you hear on the radio (occasionally we rent vehicles and tune in while trapped in traffic), we do not speak in terms of having a ‘career’ in the ‘industry.’ Camouflage Nights are more like Brewers than Marketeers: even though we humbly acknowledge what we create is simply good ole-fashioned Entertainment, we want what we give to youse to be hearty and inspiring and no-nonsense in getting you your buzz-on.

definitely benvie-esque, and definitely designed to frustrate me.

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