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04 Jul 06

thanks, global

thanks a lot, global tv. can you please explain to me why you played next week’s episode of shlocky but hilarious treasure hunters last night? and, as a result, cost me one last opportunity to watch an hour of wild hanlon ridiculousness?

who am i supposed to cheer for now? thankfully, there’s the fogel daughter who’s annoying enough to make me yell at the tv, which is somehow more satisfying than cheering FOR someone. also, oddly, that family reminds me a lot of the crazy weaver family from a couple seasons ago on the amazing race: whiny, religious and pretty much detestable.

anyway, unless i’ve somehow travelled in time, global has some explaining to do.

2 Responses to “thanks, global”

  1. 1
    anne... Says:

    yes!! YES!! rob finally gets reality tv! you love to hate them, and that’s the key.

  2. 2
    robin Says:

    who are you and what have you done with rob???


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