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09 Jun 06

crazy yard sales, dog shipments and more

a crazy busy week at work means not enough blog posting. so, i’ll try to make up for that with a few new pics captured on my cameraphone over the last few weeks around toronto.

first of all, what’s better than a yard sale in front of the centre for mental health and addiction?

that’s right, a yard sale in front of camh, complete with a crazy person lying in among the goods. i passed.

tell me someone didn’t ship a dog in this container:

i can’t think of anything else that this label could mean, though…

here’s an organization i’d never heard of before:

christ + philadelphian = christadelphian? i did a bit of googling and discovered that christadelphians believe that the bible is the word of god and contains no errors. good choice.

finally, my cameraphone doesn’t deal too well with the dark, but seriously, who puts a live sized statue of an elephant on their lawn?

oh, right, these people.

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