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24 May 06

week of favourites

what’s the deal with this week? thursday night at the phoenix is the joel plaskett emergency, aka my favourite live performer in the world ever since his thrush hermit days. and last night? douglas coupland, aka my favourite author ever since i first read microserfs, gave a reading at u of t. too much goodness!

coupland’s reading suited his latest novel, jpod. it was amusing and made me laugh, and it was really just a bit of fun. it’s true that jpod was no microserfs, shampoo planet or even hey nostradamous – the character development just wasn’t there – but the book is funny and clever and an enjoyable read. i got the feeling that he had been reading some vonnegut lately, what with the writing of himself into the book as a character. i thought the premise was kind of annoying at first, but it grew on me.

as for the reading itself, i’m happy to have finally caught coupland live. he’s at his best when he’s on unscripted rants and ramblings about about pop culture (case in point: his straw poll of the audience about who would win american idol, his appearance yesterday on mtv live, mcdonalds, etc.), so i would’ve welcomed more of that, but his readings were fun as well. i sadly forgot to bring a copy of ANY of my countless coupland novels to be signed, but on the bright side, i didn’t have to brave the chaos of the lineup. oh, and as an additional bonus, the souvenirs of canada documentary is set to be released on friday, featuring coupland himself. i’ve added that to my list.

next up: plaskett et al.

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