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14 May 06

random photo roundup

as i tend to do every so often, here are some photos of randomness i’ve come across around toronto.

first, a store on dovercourt that only sells recorders and recorder-related products:

talk about limiting your clientele… even better is that the guy sitting out front of the apartment next door yelled at me for taking this photo. i pretended not to hear him and quickly crossed the road, which unfortunately meant that i didn’t get a chance to take a pic of the 2nd sign elaborating on just how specialized their products are…

the tiny street that i should clearly buy a house on:

i didn’t even know this street existed until we were walking up clinton last week. anyway, how can i pass up a house on this street?

i’m a bit confused about the choice of grammar on this sign:

why exactly would canadian tire have chosen “opened” over “open”? one of life’s mysteries i guess.

finally, i spotted this little sign on the bus shelter at queen and dovercourt a couple weeks ago:

finally, an explanation for all those green x’s through all of the ads along queen west. in summary, queen west kids are cool.

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