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12 May 06

murderecords nostalgia

this might be my favourite video i’ve ever come across on youtube:

talk about nostalgia…i totally remember when that was first aired. highlights: plaskett’s infamous “joel” belt buckle, benvie’s infamous green guitar, mcgettigan’s infamous yellow tanktop (that i’m pretty sure he still wears), joel’s (not so) shocking illness, rick the temp’s awful questions about chris murphy’s house, and joel’s oft-repeated (at least in our house) line about not wanting the dirt from their video shoot to rub off on their pillows. i’m still waiting for a thrush hermit reunion…

other fun nostalgia-inducing videos:
the super friendz on much (watch for rick the temp’s mullet)
local rabbits on much (wow, elkas was young).
hardship post’s watching you video (i still enjoy listening to colourblind and silver suit)

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