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08 May 06

chad van gaalen @ music gallery

i was pretty happy to hear that chad van gaalen was coming back to town as part of over the top fest. i missed most of the fest’s shows (which was a shame ’cause there were a number that sounded pretty good), but i am always happen to catch a show at the music gallery.

i didn’t arrive until the dirty projectors’ last song (which made me kind of glad that i missed the rest of the set, although the crowd seemed to love it) so i can’t really comment on them. chad and band went on at about 10:15 and played a fantastic set that was surprisingly (to me anyway) true to his album infiniheart. i didn’t really think he’d be able to capture a lot of the sounds and vocals in a live setting, but with the help of holy fuck and their collection of toys (as well as julie fader, i believe), they did an admirable job. at one point, chad even commented that it was really great to be touring with brian borcherdt because it was nice to finally hear the songs live as they were meant to sound. i kept thinking that his vocals sounded like a cross between neil young, steve malkmus and badly drawn boy…in a good way. and hey, he played clinicly dead, much to the delight of me and the rest of the crowd, and i went home happy.

oh, and one more thing: any set that starts out with a hip hop number accompanied by beatboxing on a flute is a-ok by me.

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