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26 Apr 06

young and sexy @ drake underground

i was finally able to catch a live show by young and sexy on saturday at the drake. their touring is sporadic at best, and i’ve been wanting to see them ever since the first time i heard better from their debut album, the city you live in is ugly. as a bonus, they played at the drake, which is about a 30 second walk for me.

opening, appropriately, was gentleman reg (with band), who played their usual fun and poppy set. when they took the stage, the crowd was sparse at best, but by the end of their set the drake was pretty packed. my only complaint: the half-hearted clapping during give me the chance to fall. anne and i made up for it on our own though.

young and sexy’s set was good, but not great, but that wasn’t entirely their fault. i remember considering going to see them at zaphod’s back in 2003, and being thankful that i didn’t after reading the chartattack review. strangely, a lot of that review applied to the drake show. for example:

Young And Sexy create music to get lost in and it’s best when you can give yourself over completely to their delicate pop songs. Sadly, it was impossible to surrender to the music with the crowd making so much noise.

it sounds like the reviewer was talking about the drake show. it was frustrating to see how few people were paying attention, and by the end of the set, the bar had cleared out substantially. sad, especially considering that lucy had started their set by saying “wow, people to play for!” in spite of this, they put on solid show, mixing old and new. i do, however, wish they’d played any of: better, bobby baby (who doesn’t love a song with a facts of life reference in the middle?) or paper tiger.

anyway, having said all of this, they sang real pretty, and that’s what i was there for.

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