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20 Apr 06

typos, randomness and misinterpretations

more low quality but vaguely amusing photographic evidence of toronto’s bizarreness…

i daresay that this sign COULD be misinterpreted:

if you want to challenge the sign’s legitimacy, head on down to magic thai at queen and shaw.

taking a page out of torontoist’s playbook, here’s my contribution to the ‘weird shit our neighbours throw out’ game:

yep, it’s a photocopier. the sign on top claims that it still works…that is, until the first rain.

and finally, i can never get enough of typos on permanent signs:

i enjoy soubenirs. i also wonder whether they sell costumes and jewellery OR costume jewellery. kudos to anne for spotting this one, even though it’s on the same block as my work.

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