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18 Apr 06

truncated cadence weapon

this past week was a bit of an attempt to get out of my non-show-going rut. first was josh rouse on tuesday, and saturday night was cadence weapon at the horseshoe. (pretty much the same thing, right?) skankrock was headlining the saturday show, but i had no urge to stick around for that. i’d missed cadence weapon enough times, however, to check out an opening set.

here’s the kicker though: it was advertised as an 11pm set on the horseshoe website and stillepost, and yet he was already on stage when we arrived at 10:50. sadly, he was done by 11:20, which meant we didn’t really get the best bang for our buck. having said that though, cadence weapon was pretty solid. i’m always at a bit of a loss when describing hip hop shows (see kanye west as an example) except to say that it was good. and fun. and that he’s talented. one thing that anne pointed out was how comfortable he looks on stage for a guy in his early 20s. very true. i also liked the part when he crouched down and split his pants – but the show had to go on! he also exhibited a pretty amazing ability to whip the crowd into a dancing frenzy by leaping into the crowd. people went nuts, and it was pretty fun to see.

in spite of the short set, i got to hear oliver square, so i was happy. sometime i will hopefully get to witness the full cadence weapon experience.

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