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10 Apr 06

the ttc gods were angry

i learned a valuable lesson last week: never taunt the TTC gods.

on monday evening, i innocently asked anne when the last time she was on a streetcar that experienced a lengthy delay of any kind, since it’d been months since i’d had the misfortune. it was on my mind because, virtually every day, i see long lines of streetcars in a row (my personal record is 6) and i was trying to figure out how that happens so regularly.

fast forward to tuesday evening:
my streetcar rear ends a van at queen and spadina. the driver makes no announcement. gradually people start moving to the front to find out what’s up and begin trickling off of the streetcar. i eventually followed suit, and only learned what happened because the guy who got hit was loudly complaining into his cell phone ON the streetcar. so, i walked home from spadina (~30 mins).

fast forward to thursday morning:
my streetcar gets trapped behind a 3 car accident at queen and bathurst while i’m on my way to work. the driver makes no announcement. after about 3 or 4 minutes, everyone spontaneously gets up and starts leaving the streetcar. when i exit, i note that the 3 cars essentially look like they’re parked VERY close together at the stop light (although no damage is visible), thus completely blocking the streetcar track. as a bonus, none of the 3 drivers are anywhere to be seen. so, i walked to work from bathurst (~25 mins).

i have learned my lesson. i will never again taunt the ttc gods. let this be a lesson to you as well.

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