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05 Apr 06

convenience store fun

some selected evidence of a trip to a convenience store just outside of the bustling metropolis of trenton, ontario:

i’m not convinced this flavour of potato chips needed to be made:

oh wait! it’s a limited edition! i’d better get hording…

mmmm, beef steak nuggets:

the best part is the “selected serving” pictured on the package.

now things start to get really weird. i came across this display, and was curious about what it was:

it consisted of a series of individually packaged rubbery-looking objects with faces on them, inside plastic tubes:

of course i had to spend the $1.75, after i read this small warning printed on the back:


so when i got it home and took it out of the package, sure enough:

ok. seriously. what the hell? i don’t think i need to make any jokes here. i’m still a bit speechless.

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Date: 1883

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