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27 Mar 06

fun with signs

i came across a lot of creative signage around toronto this past weekend that i of course had to share. so, here goes.

first up, a classic from an alley off dundas near manning:

hilarity ensues, particularly among highschool-aged boys.

but, not to be outdone, here’s one from the price chopper parking lot at queen and gladstone:

the quality of that modification fits in with its price chopper surroundings.

finally, i’ve been noticing a lot of street signs around town labelling alleys, but anne pointed out one that takes the cake near shaw and queen:

how on earth do you get a driveway with a 2 car capacity an official street sign? i’ve sadly forgot the name of this “place” (and my cameraphone’s fantastic quality didn’t help out much), so i turned to google maps to see if it could help me out. see that unlabelled nub of a street just north of queen? yeah, that’s the one. anyway, i’m now on a mission to label the parking lot behind our building “page place”. catchy huh?

that nub of a street is apparently called pridham place. now you can stop wondering:

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