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05 Mar 06

cmw part 1: cuff the duke

thanks to eye magazine’s erroneous set times, we arrived at cuff the duke 10 minutes late on thursday evening, which is pretty substantial when the entire set only lasts about an hour. i’ve heard lots of raves about the old soul (who went on ahead of ctd), but they really didn’t wow me at the wolfe island music fest so we passed.

cuff the duke were entertaining as always, but it certainly wasn’t their best set. wayne’s vocals got off to a bit of a rocky start, and although they improved somewhat as the set progressed, i think it’s safe to say he’s had better shows. this might also be a personal thing, but the lights in the mod club really didn’t really suit ctd, but that’s a minor point. besides that though, i quite enjoyed the inclusion of paul aucoin on vibraphone, as well as the occasional use of a pedal steel in a couple songs. as a bonus, the show wrapped up at around 10, which made the old man in me happy since it was a school night.

up next: meligrove band + fembots + dd/mm/yyyy

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