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28 Mar 06

double cell phone

does this guy really need to have a cell phone pressed against one ear, and a cell phone earpiece in the other?

the jerk turned his head as i was taking the picture, so you’ll have to take my word for it i guess. i will also attest to the fact that he almost walked into me, perhaps due to information overload.

27 Mar 06

fun with signs

i came across a lot of creative signage around toronto this past weekend that i of course had to share. so, here goes.

first up, a classic from an alley off dundas near manning:

hilarity ensues, particularly among highschool-aged boys.

but, not to be outdone, here’s one from the price chopper parking lot at queen and gladstone:

the quality of that modification fits in with its price chopper surroundings.

finally, i’ve been noticing a lot of street signs around town labelling alleys, but anne pointed out one that takes the cake near shaw and queen:

how on earth do you get a driveway with a 2 car capacity an official street sign? i’ve sadly forgot the name of this “place” (and my cameraphone’s fantastic quality didn’t help out much), so i turned to google maps to see if it could help me out. see that unlabelled nub of a street just north of queen? yeah, that’s the one. anyway, i’m now on a mission to label the parking lot behind our building “page place”. catchy huh?

that nub of a street is apparently called pridham place. now you can stop wondering:

23 Mar 06

this is a fire door never leave open

here’s an example of the air tight security in my building:

pretty typical.

22 Mar 06

akron/family @ music gallery

wow, 2+ weeks without a show. i’ve been in a slump.

that came to an end last night at the music gallery, with akron/family and deep dark united. i was looking forward to giving akron/family another chance, after their unfortunate (read: hot and uncomfortable) show back in january at the great hall. but, before they took the stage, we had to listen to deep dark united.

i didn’t know anything about ddu ahead of time, so i did a bit of googling. words like “experimental” tend to be used to describe them, and that didn’t give me the best feeling. i stumbled across this eye artlcle from a couple years ago, and this quote from alex of ddu caught my eye:

I feel like the music is so much heavier without the drums. The minute I stopped playing with a drummer, I was just like ‘Oh my god, what have I been doing all this time?’ My friend Rachel says, ‘With a drummer, it’s a song; without a drummer, it’s music.’

what’s strange about that is they HAD a drummer, and that the drummer was by far the best part of their performance. he totally wowed me. aside from him though, i could’ve skipped their set happily. their line up is a bit different: guitar + flute + piano/keyboard, as well as instruments that i couldn’t see from where i was. anyway, it wasn’t for me (and it certainly didn’t help that it took the guitarist ages to change a string), but i’m certainly glad they added a drummer.

akron/family opened their set the way they closed their last one: by leading the crowd in a stomp/sing along in the middle of the audience (i.e. about a foot from our pew, as this crappy cellphone pic illustrates as one of the akrons waves a lion on a stick in the air). it’s amazing how much more fun listening to them chant “love and space, love and space” over and over it is when you’re not dying of heat, especially when it degenerated into “we will rock you”. anyway, i like akron/family. their songs are fun and diverse, and man, they can harmonize. but seriously: do they have to be so jammy? we couldn’t stay for the whole show because it was a school night, and if they’d trimmed down their songs somewhat, i might have actually seen a few more of the songs i was looking forward to. they do like to perform, and they love it in toronto, so i can’t complain too much. oh, and thanks to the guy in the crowd who gave the band cough drops. he saved the show!

as always, thanks to suckingalemon for the photo evidence.

20 Mar 06

do you have a license for that ink cartridge?

i honestly don’t understand how hp can get away with putting this on their ink cartridge packages:

oh, to be a licensed ink cartridge-refiller… i guess hp isn’t making enough money at $50 a pop.

20 Mar 06

ew revisited

remember that guy i mentioned a while ago who spends entire meetings eating his beard hair? phil pointed out that this is what he might’ve been like as a teenager:

[via postsecret]

14 Mar 06

for your listening pleasure

ok, i know i promised a write up of the meligrove/fembots show from ages ago, and i’ve started it a couple times only to be swept away by silly work stuff. sadly, this isn’t that write up.

instead, i’m strongly suggesting you download my favourite song of the moment, rough gem by islands. the album isn’t quite up to unicorns standards, but this song (as well as don’t call me whitney, bobby, are worth listening to obsessively.

06 Mar 06

camouflage nights + blue jays?

can someone please tell me how on earth it could be love by camouflage nights (aka the best song you’ve never heard) is currently being used in blue jays commercials?

05 Mar 06

cmw part 1: cuff the duke

thanks to eye magazine’s erroneous set times, we arrived at cuff the duke 10 minutes late on thursday evening, which is pretty substantial when the entire set only lasts about an hour. i’ve heard lots of raves about the old soul (who went on ahead of ctd), but they really didn’t wow me at the wolfe island music fest so we passed.

cuff the duke were entertaining as always, but it certainly wasn’t their best set. wayne’s vocals got off to a bit of a rocky start, and although they improved somewhat as the set progressed, i think it’s safe to say he’s had better shows. this might also be a personal thing, but the lights in the mod club really didn’t really suit ctd, but that’s a minor point. besides that though, i quite enjoyed the inclusion of paul aucoin on vibraphone, as well as the occasional use of a pedal steel in a couple songs. as a bonus, the show wrapped up at around 10, which made the old man in me happy since it was a school night.

up next: meligrove band + fembots + dd/mm/yyyy

03 Mar 06

“fuck corperate art”

this is a photo of the wall surrounding a construction site on orde street, decorated by art work from the nearby orde street daycare:

now tell me: exactly how jaded do you have to be to: a) consider children’s fingerpainting corporate art, and b) vandalize said art? thankfully, i’m clearly not quite there yet…

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