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27 Feb 06

photo roundup

it’s time for another quick round up of randomness that i’ve managed to capture with my cameraphone around toronto.

i don’t know why, but i’m obviously a bit obsessed by intentionally and unintentionally humourous signs i find in washrooms. here’s another one to add to the collection:

it takes a lot of effort for me to not pull this valve conveniently located in the stairwell outside of my office door every time i walk past it:

what’s the best way to protect yourself on the ttc? that’s right, with lab goggles, a mask and gardening gloves. oh, and a ripped hat. it’s a shame the hospital bracelet isn’t obvious in this pic:

not to be confused with the guy who rammed his van full of toys and pasted pennies all over it, here’s someone who glued birds and tree branches to their car for some reason. what the photo doesn’t show clearly is that one of the birds apparently came unglued and smashed the bottom right corner of the windshield. good judgement:

you know it’s election time at u of t when every street light pole is covered with dozens of posters. the following is my favourite, but i’m still curious which “event” he would be directing…

finally, a shiny nickel to the first person who can help me identify this genuine canadian pseudo-celeb, as seen at the price chopper deli counter. i know i’ve seen him in commercials, i just can’t put my finger on which:

i bet he never thought he’d have to face the paparazzi. shows what he knows…

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