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17 Feb 06

danny michel + wavelength anniversary

i started my new job this week, and it’s been fantastic but crazy busy. as a result, i haven’t had a chance to write anything about last weekend yet. i’ll make it brief, since no one but me cares about a week ago.

last friday was danny michel at the rivoli, with opener lindi (not to be confused with lindy, who is a guy, and who opened the last time i saw danny). lindi was very forgettable, so the details are pretty hazy a week later. danny’s set was like a retrospective of all of his shows i’ve seen (and, you know, i feel like a groupie since i’ve seen him 6 or 7 times in the last couple of years). he played all my favourites, had fabulous banter, and even referenced the danny michel drinking game (do a shot every time he says “heart” or “stars”), christopher walken, and fainting goats. as an added bonus, he also spent a lot of time poking fun at himself for his inclusion in a budweiser commercial (one that debuted during the super bowl, no less). a fun time, but i’d have expected nothing less.

saturday night was one of the wavelength anniversary shows at the music gallery. i wasn’t counting on it to rival last year’s version (featuring final fantasy, thanksgiving and holy fuck), but it was still pretty solid. ohbijou were the first act we caught (missing woodhands), and they were excellent. lots of strings and keys and a solid voice = fun pop. gentleman reg even leant his voice to a song, as an added bonus.

picastro were next, and they unfortunately proved to me that the presence of owen pallett in a band doesn’t necessarily make it good. i found the songs to be droney and boring, and i just couldn’t get into the vocals. it was almost hypnotizing at times, but not in a good way. and no, i couldn’t hear owen’s voice since he wasn’t miked.

the hylozoists headlined and were a lot of fun. when was the last time you saw a band featuring 3 vibraphones, strings and 2 drummers? their songs were mostly instrumental, and were unlike any band i’ve seen. the songs got a little bit samey after a while, but i was still impressed…and surprise! wayne petti of cuff the duke fame is the band’s pianist, and lends his vocals to a couple songs.

so, no, it wasn’t as good as last year’s wavelength bash, but it was still pretty fun overall.

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    Lindi Ortega Says:

    Aww.. haha well I tried..what can I say.


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