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09 Feb 06

law and order rules

consider this post to be a pre-emptive spoiler to any future law & order: svu or law & order: criminal intent episodes.

here’s a simple rule to determining the bad guy on either l&o spinoff within the first 15 minutes, if you haven’t already figured this out for yourself. if you recognize any of the guest stars, be it from a previous l&o episode or just as a semi-famous actor, there is a 90% chance that they will turn out to be evil. true, they sometimes do a good job of psyching you out – take the most recent svu episode, guest starring rebecca demornay as a woman in a wheel chair. that’s right – bad guy…who could walk after all! it doesn’t have to be someone of her calibre though – recognize a character as “that guy who once played a schizophrenic on l&o” or “that woman who once played a pharmacist on svu?” yeah, they’re probably going to turn out to have commited multiple homocides.

it’s like degrassi’s playing with time repertory company. did you have a good performance as a homeless junky witness / girl who has an epileptic seizure at a sleepover? congratulations, you get upgraded to a more prominent role in the future! law and order has always liked to recycle actors, which is how you can go from a single mom who lost a baby to the precinct’s lieutenant, or from a defense attorney to a wise cracking cop. note that i’m still awaiting torquil campbell’s return to svu after his portrayal as an abused kid. maybe he could be the series’ new shrink!

anyway, feel free to play along with law and order rules. one caveat: they don’t seem to apply to the regular series. go figure.

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    sevenzarkseven Says:

    i actually saw an old svu one day with the current ada as the evil one. i laughed at that.

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