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13 Jan 06

final fantasy + akron/family

i never thought i’d be posting something that wasn’t 100% favourable about a final fantasy show, but, well, here we are.

the over the top festival launch show was wednesday night at the great hall (conveniently located mere seconds from my door) which was pretty exciting. sadly, we missed the great lake swimmers, but it was probably for the best – that would’ve been a long night, and while i quite like gls, i fear they would’ve put me to sleep.

we managed to find an uncomfortable “seat” on the balcony, from which we were able to watch akron/family. i’ve listened to their albums quite a lot in the last couple weeks, but i wasn’t sure what to expect from their live show. their music is an interesting mix of quiet almost folky-ness, mixed with loud, somewhat improvised jams. like their albums, their live show makes use of a number of interesting noise makers, combined with the standard guitar/bass/drum setup. they clearly throw themselves wholeheartedly into their show with a crazy amount of energy and exuberance, and the crowd ate it up. a highlight was a 10 minute crazy jam that ended up with 3 members of the band beating on the drum kit, while the fourth member played with an amp’s connector making a lot of crazy and fun noises. if they had ended after that, it probably would’ve been just about perfect, but they dragged things out a lot. now, keep in mind, it was a million degrees in the great hall and we had quite uncomfortable seats – on another day i might’ve found their subsequent trip into the crowd to play songs with a banjo endearing, especially when they led the crowd in a prolonged clap-along. sadly i was just hot and it was late and i wanted final fantasy to come on before it got too late.

final fantasy finally went on at around 11:30, which was a bit annoying given the 10:45 set time and my oldness/tiredness. i’ve seen final fantasy a lot in the last year, and this was my least favourite show of his so far. he once again brought a string quartet with him, which was kind of novel once, but in truth, i like final fantasy because i like watching owen play amazing music by himself with just his violin and a looper pedal. the string quartet resulted in new arrangements of old favourites, and frankly, i didn’t generally like them as much. i also wasn’t super keen on the use of the harpsichord, but there’s nothing wrong with trying new things here and there. there were a few high points, but we left a bit before the end.

having said all that, i’m sure i’ll still go next time owen plays. oh, and thanks once again to suckingalemon for that fantastic photo of akron/family.

10 Jan 06

danny michel minus the fainting goats

i was surprised at how many people showed up at the drake on saturday night for danny michel’s show. it’s not that he doesn’t deserve a crowd – quite the contrary – it’s just that he doesn’t really ever generate any “buzz”, and i never hear much about him, in spite of the fact that he’s been around forever (and was even in starling for a short period).

anyway, it was a fun show (as his shows always are), but the atmosphere was a bit weird. he played a mostly solo show (with the ever-present looper pedal), with occasional accompaniment by kevin fox on cello (who sat on a park bench that somehow made its way onto the stage). he wasn’t as chatty/story-telly/christopher walkeny as he has been in the past, but he was still endearing and fun. he played a few songs from his next album with an undetermined release date (didn’t i hear a story about someone stealing his laptop with a bunch of his new album on it sometime last year?), and several older favourites (perfect, coalmine, fireworks, elgin ave, toledo and the invisible man were standouts), but sadly no bowie covers made it into his set. he also had a piano dragged onto the stage, and included a couple of songs normally played on guitar on piano instead. another highlight was when he asked the crowd mid-song if anyone could play piano, and a girl who apparently hadn’t played in 5 years got up and jammed with them. that was impressive.

the crowd, however, was a bit bizarre. there was a large group of people directly in front of the stage that elected to stay seated throughout the entire show, and the people standing behind them were either extremely rapt or comatose. they all clapped after each song, but it was pretty much silent during the songs, with the exception of the sitting people knocking glasses over quite frequently. contrast this with the people at the back by the bar who seemed completely oblivious to the fact that there was someone on stage, and it was a bizarre juxtaposition. oh, and i can’t forget the superfans: one of them knew every word and seemed to think that every song was directed at her, and another sporadically jumped up and started dancing in the middle of the seated people near the end of the set. danny was smart and tried his best not to make eye contact with these people, but they were mesmerizing to me.

oh yeah, one more thing: first it was kanye, then islands and now danny michel – what’s up with the no encore deal? did i miss a memo?

06 Jan 06

what bird can cause meningitis?

as i was walking to work this morning, a van driving down harbord caught my eye. it had the following logo on it:

this obviously piqued my interest.

their website is pretty funny (especially the opening flash animation), but my favourite part is their slogan: we don’t take crap. neither should you. it’s a good one, but not quite as good as that of donovan plumbing.

i guess i know where i’ll go if i ever need anti-pigeon spikes.

05 Jan 06

my eye was taken out by a grain of snow

this is a new one:

maybe snow grains are smaller than snow pellets, but bigger than flurries? who knows? i’m no meteorologist.

Pronunciation: 'ch&mp
Function: noun
Etymology: perhaps blend of chunk and lump
Date: 1883

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