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17 Jan 06

comments are back

as a handful of faithful chumptastic readers have noticed, the ability to leave comments was disabled several months ago because i got tired of deleting hundreds of spam comments every day. this wasn’t an ideal solution, and the lack of comments made me forget that people actually do still read this blog for some reason.

my solution was to turn comments back on in moderated mode, with movable type’s built-in junk filter turned on in aggressive mode to see how that works out. so please, comment away. make me happy. and yes, i’ll make the comment page look prettier soon…it’s pretty ugly right now.

ps. less than 5 minutes after i turned comments back on, party poker spammed me, but the junk filter caught it. take that.

2 Responses to “comments are back”

  1. 1
    pager Says:

    see look? comments! prove to me that i still have readers left after all these months.

  2. 2
    anne... Says:

    pretty quick work, chump. that only took, what, 8 months? woo. 🙂

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