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14 Jan 06

photo roundup

here’s a quick roundup of some pics i’ve taken with my camera phone over the past few weeks:

these signs struck me as funny for two reasons. a) to me, thai food and fish and chips don’t exactly go hand in hand. “i’d like some pad thai with a side of halibut please”. yeah, no. b) sue’s sign is sitting out in front of vicky’s restaurant. while i was taking this picture, either vicky or sue was glaring at me.

i wasn’t brave enough to see what would happen if i disobeyed this sign’s instruction.

aw, isn’t that logo cute? no idea what this can actually contains…

it’s difficult to make out, but the parents of this kid decided that the kid could only behave in a restaurant if they brought a portable dvd player along for him. i guess we know who is raising this kid.

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