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20 Dec 05

stars: even their worst is pretty damn good

thursday night was the first of 6 sold out shows in 4 days for stars at lee’s palace, and i was lucky enough to be in attendance. let me start by saying that this was probably my least favourite stars show of all time; however, the worst stars show is still better than many other bands’ best.

i saw stars at the mod club almost exactly a year before, and the sets were unsurprisingly quite similar, given that the band has spent the majority of the year touring the world and gradually becoming deserved superstars. in fact, this show marked their return to toronto after a couple months of solid touring, and frankly, they looked kind of tired. other minor quibbles? the insane heat in lee’s – they didn’t even open a door until the encore, and i thought scotto was going to pass out. and how about that 5’0 waitress carrying a tray with a circumference twice her own, pushing into my back no less than 6 times (i mean really, who orders drinks in the middle of a set?)

ok ok, so having said that, the band played a fun set featuring songs from all albums (and even threw in the comeback, just to make me happy), and even though they looked tired, they played with a lot more energy than i’m sure i could have mustered. torq was, as always, in fine form (is there a front man more entertaining than him, besides joel plaskett?), and cranley carried the show with his bass, as usual. and while it is true that they played pretty much a repeat of a show a year previous, they significantly changed the arrangments of a number of songs, which was fun to hear – even including a saxophone and violin to spice things up a bit. and any set that includes he lied about death is a winner in my books.

so to summarize: while stars didn’t wow me as much as they have in the past, i’m happy i didn’t miss them. but, i still wish i could see them at the grad club again.

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