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12 Dec 05

photographic documentation of uselessness in toronto

here’s a quick photo round up of uselessness i’ve captured on my camera phone over the past few weeks:

1. seriously, who thought it would be a good idea to put an elevator in a building…but only make it accessible after climbing a flight of stairs?

the geniuses in charge of the building at the northeast corner of john and king, that’s who.

2. i’m pretty happy that the city has elected to tear down my bus shelter right when it started to get cold – i.e. right when i need it most:

for some reason, that orange fencing didn’t do a particularly good job of protecting me from the crazy cold wind this morning.

3. i wish this photo had turned out less blurry, but it’s a pic of a store on college’s front window, which apparently is doubling as the back of their refridgerator:

i can’t help but wonder about that milk, yogurt and cheese…especially after a warm day with the sun beating in…

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